Spring 2015
Volume 10, Issue 1

K.B. Ballentine

When Words Won't Come (poem)
High Rises and Pigeon Parks (poem)

Christian Anton Gerard

Christian Anton Gerard Is Unable to Be Opaque (poem)

Eileen Herbert-Goodall

Reading and Writing Literature in the Digital Age (essay)


Jessie Janeshek

Baby America (poem)
Best in Show (poem)

Resoketswe Manenzhe

Moths and Butterflies (short fiction)

Sue Newcomb Mowrer

Burying Fletcher (creative nonfiction)

Joan Elaine Muller

The Shears (short fiction)

Anne Britting Oleson

Handwriting (poem)
List (poem)
Poppies (poem)

Dwight E. Watson

A Bleeding Heart (play)

Stephanie McCarley Dugger

Wrecks (poem)

Elaine Zimmerman

Manhunt at the South Fork (poem)


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