Spring 2007
Volume 2, Issue 1


Jéanpaul Ferro

Red Diamonds (poem)


Katherine L. Holmes

Nuts and Bolts (short story)

Jessie L. Janeshek

Lunch (poem)
When Valerie Gives You a Necklace (poem)

Thomas Larson

The Age of Memoir (essay)

Gary Lehmann

Behind the Mask (poem)
A Matter of Artistic Differences (poem)
Showing Off (poem)
It looks like art to me (poem)

Craig Loomis

Hanging a Painting (short story)

Kelly Luce

Jumper (short story)

Peter Jay Shippy

My Squelchy Life (1967) (poem)

J.R. Solonche

The Desk (poem)
To the Deaf Student Before Playing a Tape of
Dylan Thomas to my Poetry Class (poem)
Toy Poem (poem)
A Young Poet and an Old Poet (poem)


Paul Kareem Tayyar

Leaving Paris (poem)

Editor's Note


Brave New World:
Popular Culture and the Creative Writing Curriculum
Or, Some Thoughts on the Short Dramatic Form

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