Fall 2015
Volume 10, Issue 2

Kevin Brophy

Oceanus (poem)

Wayne Cresser

Automatic Third Party
Verification System (short fiction)

Andrew P. Dillon

American Infrastructure, 2015 (poem)
Summer 2014 (poem)


Katherine L. Holmes

She didn't either (poem)

Sue Newcomb Mowrer

Burying Marie (creative nonfiction)

Jacqueline Powers

Just the Blues (poem)
Not Quite Spring (poem)

Paul Kareem Tayyar

Lying in Bed, the Two of Us
Listening to Janis Joplin (poem)

Larry D. Thomas

Rebozo Seller (poem)
Bloodline (poem)
The Muralists (poem)

Christopher Vaughan

Portrait of O'Keefe at Ghost Ranch (poem)
Packing the Ford (poem)
Staging (poem)
Macular Degeneration (poem)

Anne Whitehouse

My Last Spring in My House and Garden (poem)

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