Fall 2013

Volume 8, Issue 2



The Twain Shall Meet


Jim shared the school room floor
with Huck who majored in Scapegoat
and earned more wisdom than
any Finn. When that dawn arrived
for the student and night and day
played with the Mississippi,
a Native American used that golden
rule in an attempt to teach
Europe and Asia the way:
Potash on Planet Ltd. thrust into space
along with all the good days to die.
Joe gave and gave and gave up
but the contribution stashes in pouches.
Tom continues to hoard and waste
without detention and without regard
for progeny. Becky put out
the trash each week but never
the source. The American speaks mutt
by definition and desperate for unity.
Citizens suppose that is why the bark
leaves teeth marks in legs.



Sounding from St. Petersburg, Missouri


Before departing Camp America
for the wilderness, the scout leader,
Mr. Sawyer, filched history homework
and moral compasses from backpacks.
Orienting the troop toward replacing
teeth with whitewashed picket fences,
the prankster counts blessings a sawbuck
at a time. Marlow the Midwesterner
consults a spiritual eminence,
any multi-national corporation.
An alpha-male for Becky makes a way
in the god-dang world by forcing unity
on progeny. Of thunder and lightning,
Shakespeare and company drew lines
in sand and stone, bringing tribes
nose to nose. Injun Joe and Jim drone
that prime rib from Genesis
now hangs in a store window, sausages.
The lookout patrols grunt on and on.




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