Fall 2011
Volume 6, Issue 2

Rosebud Ben-Oni

The Whims of Gulls (short fiction)

Darren C. Demaree

On the Side of Living (poem)

Howie Good

Whom Pain Has Brought to Despair
But Not Yet to Death (poem)


Peycho Kanev

Requiem for one night (poem)
The shape of everything else (poem)

Jacqueline K. Powers

Just a Game of Checkers (poem)
That Trick of Light (poem)

Paul Kareem Tayyar

At a High School Showing of Man of La Mancha
with My Mother, 1989 (poem)
Hank Aaron (poem)
Listening to Randy Newman's "Dixie Flyer"
This Morning on My Way to Work (poem)
The Misfits, Dir. John Huston, 1961 (poem)

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