Fall 2010

Volume 5, Issue 2



How to Write a Lovelorn Column


Since anything anyone
can say about love is true
for a while or was once
and will be again someday
such as yesterday or right now,

you can tell them to eat, drink,
be wary from this day forward 
part-time and  to be sure
that He or She will forget
eventually or remember

exactly what you said
or didn’t, or on the contrary,
don’t eat, don’t drink, but worry
that She or He won’t think
of anything but you

at your best, as you never were
and will always be except
when you aren’t.  All of this
inadmissible evidence
is true enough to be offered

daily to the lovelorn,
the loveless, the unloving,
or even the happiest lovers
who love to be in doubt
about love and will pay for it.



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