Fall 2007

Volume 2, Issue 2




I Threw It Away


I threw it away because I did not like
something about it. I did not like
the first word or the last word or all the words.
Or perhaps it was not the words at all
that I did not like. Perhaps it was the tone.
Perhaps it wasn't serious enough for
the serious mood I wanted to express,
for the serious frame of mind I was in,
for the serious look that was on my face.
I remember one word was tree,
which is a serious word. I remember
another word was black, which is another
serious word, and I remember the word
rain  was also in the poem, and that too is
serious. But I threw those words away
along with the rest of them which I don't
remember because there was something
I didn't like. There was something that
reminds me of this poem that has so many
serious words in it but that does not say
anything about the serious mood I'm in
or about the serious look that is on my face.




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